Our Policies

Standard  Turnaround Time                                                                                                    Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days from the time that payment is received in full, and the order details have been provided. Some of our specialty printing methods and services may require more time and attention, which may result in a lengthened turnaround time. If you are in need of the product by a strict deadline, please be sure to note when requesting a quote. Rush fees will apply if you request your t-shirts sooner than our standard turnaround time (please see rush fees).

Because J&Y Silkscreen is responsible for vendor or mill shortages/outages, shipping errors or weather conditions which may result in missed deadlines. Our goal is to collaborate and create with our customers, so we will do our best to communicate these issues with you in advance.

New Art Turnaround Time
New artwork turnaround time is 5 business days from the date you have provided all necessary information and imagery and placed your payment for artwork services. New artwork allows for the initial creation of artwork and 3 revisions. Any additional changes beyond the included 3 revisions will be charge at a rate of $60/hour. To ensure success, we encourage customers to provide inspirational pictures, specific color palettes, and company logos upfront. If you are creating a t-shirt for an event that requires sponsor logos to be printed, please provide all sponsoring company logos in a digital format with your quote request. We recommend you provide logos in a 1-color format, in high resolution and in Adobe Illustrator. We are not responsible for printing files that were provided at low quality.

Payment Terms
Payment will be due before any digital mockup or apparel is ordered.

J&Y Silkscreen Generated Artwork:
All new artwork generated by J&Y Silkscreen must be paid in full before artwork is created. New artwork requests will require a base fee of $60.00 to begin. This includes 1 hour of art time. All additional art time is generated at an hourly rate of $60.00 an hour. A goodwill estimate will be generated as to the creative process time and production it will take to create new artwork.

Net Terms
Net Terms begin on the day that the order is completed. Orders must be paid in full by card, check, cash, or money order. If paying with card, please note there will be a 3% processing fee added at checkout. Term customers may proceed through the quoting process by simply approving the order with the understanding that once the approval is given on an invoice, the invoice total is now their fiduciary responsibility.

Refund / Exchange
J&Y Silkscreen does not provide any refunds/exchange. As all orders are custom made, and once order details are confirmed and approved, we are unable to honor any refunds/exchange.

We are happy to provide mockups for approval. There is a fee of $30.00 per mockup as we use our time and energy to create a mockup.

Out of Stock/Clearance Items
We are subject to our vendors stock and our production. We do not keep stock at our shop, we place orders based on what your needs are. We are not responsible for out-of-stock items or clearance items. We will however do our best to check other locations to find your item or a replacement item. If we do run into this problem, we will communicate this with you and get your approval.

Manufacturer Defect
We are subject to manufacturer defects, just as you the customer is subject to, which can include but are not limited to color inconsistencies, mislabeled sizes, loose stitching, label inconsistencies or other garment defects. J&Y Silkscreen is not responsible for these defects. We inspect the items as they are being printed, however we do not catch everything, for this reason we cannot guarantee each garment. Again, we recommend ordering 5% extra of each size to help counterbalance some of the issues mentioned.

Garment Subjectivity
We work with you to help you choose a garment that will fit your needs; we make sure to send links or order a sample to be sure this is fit for you. If you still are up in the air about a fit of a garment, we recommend ordering a sample. Samples are subject to retail pricing and shipping. Samples are nonrefundable.

Blank Samples
Blank samples are available for purchase at full retail price. We encourage customers to order blank samples if they unsure about the fit of a garment. Blank samples are limited to 5 pieces. Please note that ordering blank samples will push back your production date.

Printed Samples
Printed Samples are available with the following pricing and terms:

Standard Image Size: $100 for the first color and $50 for every color thereafter.
***Additional locations are considered additional colors. ***

You will receive 3 physical printed samples. If artwork needs to be separated, created, or touched up, it will be subject to art charges at the current rate. Art does not count towards the sample order value for credit purposes and will not be credited back towards the full production run.
A complete credit of the sample cost is available if an order for the full production run is placed within 10 business days of the sample shipping out of our facility or being available for pick up. To receive full credit, the art must stay the same, thus using the same screens. To receive 100% credit, the sample order value must be less than 10% of the full production run’s order value.

Artwork Creation and Ownership
New artwork created by J&Y Silkscreen is the sole property of J&Y Silkscreen. The hourly rate that is charged, covers only the labor and creative energy that it takes to create unique artwork. Rest assured that any artwork that is submitted to us for printing, and is not created by us, is owned by you customer. We will not reproduce your artwork without your consent.

Art Preparation
Any art preparation that is done by J&Y Silkscreen is the sole property of J&Y Silkscreen, even though you may be charged an art preparation fee, this fee only covers the labor and creative energy that it takes to create a separated art file. The separated file belongs to us even though the artwork itself is your sole property.

Art Approvals
You will receive a digital mockup of your provided artwork. This artwork is attached to your quote and is meant for your full review. What this means is that J&Y Silkscreen will not be held responsible for any misspellings, errors, or color changes. What you see in the digital mockup is what we will be printing. If you need specific colors for your design, we work from the Pantone Coated Matching System and we suggest you provide a specific pantone number (from the PMS Coated book) so that we may match it. Some PMS numbers may not be available due to the rate at which new formulas are created within our mixing system. Pantone creates new colors every year and mixology is not always readily available. We do work to mix our own formulas to keep up with the demand of colors available and suggest you request a printed sample. Please review the printed sample policy above.

Once you have reviewed your order, you must approve the quote and the artwork. By approving the quote, you are acknowledging that the artwork is correct as well as the sizes and quantities.

Ink Matching
Due to the nature of water-based/discharge screen printing Pantone matching is not available. This type of ink style only allots for Pantone approximations. Each shirt make-up and colors react differently to water-based/discharge ink and is affected by apparel manufacturers dying processes. Pantone matching is available for plastisol and polyester style inks. We highly suggest you purchase a printed sample to confirm the color match.

Rush Orders
Rush orders are orders that have an in-hand date sooner than our standard turnaround time, and such orders are subject to rush fees. Rush fees are based on a percentage schedule which is applied will then be applied to your final invoice. The fee is priced by quantity and how soon you need the order. This fee covers the additional hours we may need to run your order and any rush fees we may incur from our vendors. Rush orders are still subject to the same under run allowances, and the rush time frame only to our current production time. J&Y Silkscreen will not be held responsible for any shipping issues that may occur and cause customers to missed deadlines.

Under Run Allowance
Every order is setup and printed based on your custom order, and because of this there are many variables that play into the success of the job, such as screens breaking, vendors providing shirts with holes and stains, and printing mistakes. We allow for a reasonable margin of error. This means that orders that experience an under run, if it falls within our acceptable underrun allowance, we consider this acceptable. For this reason, we highly recommend that if you are ordering exact quantities take into consideration our under-run allowance.

*Plastisol and Water base: 4%

****Contract Printing is under allowance is figured by the number of impressions for an order not by the pieces. ****

Invoiced Quantity
Initial quote will reflect the quantity ordered; however, the final invoice will reflect the physical number of shirts you will receive if you have what we consider an under-run allowance. For example, if you ordered 50 shirts, and we only ship 49, your final invoice would reflect 49 even though your quote states 50 and you price per shirt will remain the same, even though this may drop you below our considered price break quantity.