J&Y Silkscreen was established in 1989 by Jaime and Yolanda Hernandez.

Jaime was born on a small ranch in Michoacán, Mexico. He is the oldest of 7 siblings. Jaime's strong work ethic began when would help his dad milk and feed the cows at 8 years old, before and after school. He loved to play soccer with his friends outside of his house. Jaime's parents made school a priority for all of their children as they were not able to experience an education themselves. They gave their all to provide for their children but were not able to afford full-paid schooling, leaving Jaime with a fourth grade education. At the age of 12, Jaime started selling bread and gum barefoot to contribute to his family for a better living.

Yolanda was also born on a small ranch in Michoacán, Mexico. She is the middle child of 8 siblings. One of her favorite things to do growing up was cooking with her grandma. She also liked to contribute and help her mom hand wash and clean house. Yolanda had to mature early in age as her father passed away when she was only a teenager. The experience of Yolanda's mother becoming a widow at the age of 30, molded her into a strong woman as she had to take on the full responsibility of raising 8 children on her own. Yolanda's mother did not let the loss of her husband break her and became a successful business woman. She was able to provide for her children and pay their full way into universities.

Jaime and Yolanda met at the age of 15 and got married at 18 years old.

As time passed, Jaime was granted a job opportunity in Mexico City. He accepted the position and took along his family, Yolanda and their newborn son. Months after, Jaime and Yolanda were not convinced and knew deep down in their heart what they really wanted - that was to live the all American dream.

When Jaime and Yolanda first arrived to the U.S, they landed in Culver City California. They lived in a 1 bedroom apartment with 8 people. Jaime got his first job on Venice beach in 1975 as a screen printer making $2.10 an hour. Yolanda was a shirt catcher in the back warehouse. He was determined and put 110% in everything he did. Jaime's boss recognized his hard working skills and was willing to teach Jaime everything he needed to know to become successful. Jamie was loyal with this company for 3 years. He was content but knew he wanted bigger, something of his own.

During the 3 years of Jaime and Yolanda working at their first job in the U.S, they were able to save money and buy their first home for their children. Their work journey had to continue and they discovered a new job opportunity in Valencia California. They continued working the same positions as their previous job but with Jaimes hardworking skills, he was promoted to a manager. Jaime and Yolanda were very content with their jobs as it kept them on their feet. They thought of this job long term. They were 5 years in working for this company, and one morning they arrived to work and were informed that the company filed bankruptcy. In seconds, they were both left without a job. All of the employers paychecks that were given to them had no funds. The owner gave Jaime and Yolanda a 6 color manual machine and a small dryer to compensate the bounced checks.

Jamie and Yolanda thought they had no other choice than to put those machines to use. This is where J&Y Silkscreen was established. In the garage of their home. They introduced their kids to the business early on in age as that's all Jaime and Yolanda had. Their kids would pass out flyers and leave them on cars from dust till dawn. They would also catch t-shirts and package orders. Once the kids were done, Jaime would treat them to a 99 cent whopper.

Working 3 years in their garage, J&Y was growing and had no room for their incoming orders. They gathered their funds and bought a suite in a industrial center in Valencia California. Fast forward 35 years and 3 generations later, J&Y Silkscreen is keeping Jaime and Yolanda's dreams forever alive.

Owners J&Y SILKSCREEN of Jaime & Yolanda


“Where to start with J&Y. I have been ordering shirts and different promotional items for over 15 years. The first time was when they did a wonderful job printing shirts for my then 7th grader and his classmates.

I was so impressed with their great work and wonderful customer service that I have continued to order from them all these years.

Jaime, Yolanda, Evelyn, and the rest of the family are a dream to work with.

I have so much respect for their family and how they conduct their business.

5 stars is not enough.

Thank you for taking care of me once again with this difficult last-minute order again Evelyn.

as I always tell you---- "YOU ARE THE BEST"

“Love that it's a family business.

Everyone is so nice and so helpful.

I've never felt more welcomed than in this little shop.

The environment is so awesome.

If you're looking at getting shirts, THIS IS THE PLACE!”

“They are the best of the best! Love that they are family-owned and operated!

Every time I have an idea, they make it come to life fast with quality clothing items and print. I have only used them for the past 8 years, and honestly, I would never use anyone else.”